Custom Pole Barns

What is a pole barn?

A pole barn is a type of building designed that use posts as a framing member, buried a few feet in the ground to build a sturdy foundation. J&M Carpentry offers a vast selection of fully customized pole barns and building solutions. These buildings are easy to design and construct but are extremely durable. We can construct them in any size for any use – residential, commercial, agricultural.

Why a pole barn?

This method of construction is more efficient and much less expensive. Pole barns can be built in a wide range of areas, alleviating the hazards to unlevel ground. They also require less wood, due to it’s framing and structural support. These combined their overall ease of construction make pole barns ideal for efficiency and affordability. 

Horse Barns, Arenas & Stables

In addition to conventional pole barns, J&M Carpentry offers a full range of building services for horse barns, from large horse arenas to small horse stables. These horse barns will accommodate the horses and provide human comfort as well. Structures are 60′ x 100′ and up.

More Pole Buildings


Custom Garages

In addition to our expert ability to build fully customized, high quality, long lasting pole barns and horse barns – J&M Carpentry also offers custom garage solutions for nearly every conceivable application.

Customization Options

We can build your new pole barn using the designs shown above, or we can customize something to suit your own unique style. Let our experienced designers help you get started today! Call us at 330-231-0125 to discuss what you have in mind. 

Garage Doors

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